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Updated Voice Mods! WoT version

D4ce' pretty big Voice Mods for World of Tanks:


Updated for

All new zipfiles from 22 march 2018 .

---> Just download them from the menu on the right --->

Most of my voice mods have a lot of sound clips and describe events quite accurately.
If the mod-theme has little to do with cars, guns or tanks you can expect less
descriptive sounds for specific events (like turret stuck, engine damage).

  • Top Gear
  • Full Metal Jacket: Gunnery Sgt Hartman
  • Jingles
  • Fpsrussia
  • Austin Powers
  • Der Untergang
  • Der Untergang, special 'Hitler on Helium' edition
  • Machoman Andy Savage
  • Man with no name Westerns by Sergio Leone
  • Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie 'john&peter'
  • Yoda, from the 'Star Wars' movies
  • Huge_Dutch_Comedian_Voicepack containing 9 Dutch Comedians for every tank nation.

Listen to some random sound clips from every mod.


Extract the zip file in "World of Tanks\res_mods\0.9.??(.?)"  (the current WoT software version).
The dir "audioww" will be placed in that dir if they do not exist,
otherwise select overwrite. The file voiceover.bnk should be in audioww.

If you want to use this mod in your modpack and/or distribute it,
please add my name "D4ce" and this url "http://wotvoicemods.blogspot.com"
in the mod description or your installation menu.

Multi-nation voice mod

Do you want a specific voice mod for each 'tank nation' tree?

When extracting the main zip file, the file audioww/nations.zip is created.
When you also extract this zip file,
the following directories are created in which you can put nation specific mods: "china  czech  france  germany  japan  sweden  uk  usa ussr". Put a voiceover.bnk in each directory.

IMPORTANT for multi:
  1. Copy the default "World of Tanks\res\audioww\voiceover.bnk" to "World of Tanks\res_mods\0.9.??(.?)\audioww" to avoid weird bugs.
  2. When the game is running, change in "Settings/Sounds" the voices to "national/commander". 

BOOST Your VOICE sound level / Quality

The voice sound clips I provide are amplified to the max, but may still appear weak.
Change the WoT volume settings if that is the case:
General volume level 100,
music 15,
voice messages 100,
vehicle 40,
effects 35,
interface sound effects 60,
ambiance 20
      Optional: Go to Settings/Sound and select the checkmark 'low quality'.

What sounds are used for which events?

For most of my mods, these guidelines apply:

mild criticism:        ricochet
strong criticism:      armor not pierced
normal praise:       shot went in, did damage
laughing:           damage+crit to hull module/track
much praise:        damage+crit module in turret/gun
mentioning track only: track of the enemy was hit no hp loss
mentioning gun only:  gun of the enemy was hit, no hp loss
exactly/explosion:    direct hit with explosive ammo
lukewarm praise:    some damage to the enemy by near explosion


All these Voice Modifications may be considered offensive,
cursing/strong language, racial or religious slurs etc. can occur.
If you are easily offended do not download.

MODIFICATION NOTICE: The mods contains data that is copyright protected.
I am not the holder of that copyright.
By downloading and using these mods you take FULL responsibility.
You also declare that you use this mods solely for a fair use non-profit purpose.

Top Gear

This mod is pretty specific about the hard-to-find soundevents like what crew member died and turret/track damage/repair messages.

Roles in the tank:
Commander= Clarkson
Driver   = The Stig
Gunner   = May
Radioman = Hammond
Loader   = Top Gear Dog
10786 sounds gathered

Gunnery Sgt. Hartman

Quotes from the drill instructor in the movie "Full Metal Jacket",
R. Lee Ermey himself in the History Channel series "Lock n' Load with R. Lee Ermey"
and stuff I found on Youtube.
(Inspired by Nobleplatoon's earlier version, but built from scratch)
This mod is pretty accurate regarding the hard-to-find soundevents like what crew member died and turret/track damage/repair messages.

2758 sounds total


Brain surgeon, rockstar, horse-thief and noob gamer extraordinaire.
He also uploads stuff on Youtube.

2268 sounds, of which 284 clips were gathered by Max_Scrotes and 25 by fredfferguison, 1 by Paul Charlton


youtuber, guns etc.

3093 sounds

Austin Powers

Contains soundclips of Austin Powers/Dr Evil/Fat Bastard/Goldmember from Austin Powers movies.

1000 sounds

Der Untergang Voice Mod.

As with my other mods, this is supposed to be funny.
If you get offended easily, this is not the mod for you.

Contains soundclips from the movie "Der Untergang" (Bruno Ganz),
youtube fragments Inglourious Basterds: Martin Wuttke and div. speeches.

Der Untergang, special 'Hitler on Helium' edition

In a parallel universe, Hitler was doing helium in stead of crystal meth.
This voice mod is from that universe, it's not just some parameter in the WWISE software I tweaked.

700 sounds

Machoman Andy Savage

wrestling champion

864 sounds

Man with no Name

Voices and sound effects from Spaghetti-westerns by Sergio Leone:
The good, the bad and the ugly, For a few dollars more, A fistful of dollars and Once upon a time in the West.

Roles in the tank:
commander_killed: Blondie/commandant
driver_killed: Tuco
gunner_killed: Angel eyes
loader_killed: Indio
radioman_killed: Mortimer

833 sounds

Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie

Audio taken from the series "'A bit of Fry and Laurie'", mostly of the John and Peter sketches.
see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQHXYrqmCMs

821 sounds

(TMP Disabled:) Pointy Haired Jedi

famous Youtuber
Sound clips taken from Circonflexes twitch stream.

260 sounds


character from the indie s.f. 'Star Wars' movies

334 sounds

Dutch Cabaret

Old version of this voice mod on Youtube with only a few of these comedians in the same tank:

Sound clips from individual Dutch (cabaret/standup) comedians each in single mods:

Hans Teeuwen http://www.hansteeuwen.tv

2660 sounds

Lebbis http://www.lebbis.nl

1804 sounds

Theo Maassen http://www.theomaassen.nl

1268 sounds

Najib Amhali www.najibamhali.nl

1507 sounds

Bert Visscher www.bertvisscher.nl/

1375 sounds

Ronald Goedemondt http://www.ronaldgoedemondt.nl

727 sounds

Jochem Myjer http://jochemmyjer.nl/

843 sounds

Marc-Marie Huijbregts http://www.marc-marie.nl/

436 sounds

Micha Wertheim www.michawertheim.nl/

609 sounds

"Multi-nation" voice pack.

Every tank-nation gets its own Dutch comedian.

total 11252 sounds

Wie zit waar?

China:   Najib Amhali
Czech:   Micha Wertheim
France:  Bert Visscher
Germany: Theo Maassen
Japan:   Ronald Goedemondt
Sweden:  Marc-Marie Huijbregts
UK:      Hans Teeuwen
USA:     Jochem Myjer
USSR:    Lebbis


Credits go D2R52 for the great tutorial about creating voicemods with WWISE sofware,
and to Nobleplatoon and Mastertaco for their initial research.

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